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Welcome to our Home

Welcome to Base1Media, home to a handful of creative, technical and marketing nerds who love to create fantastic things and show them to the world. Our skills are vast, our brains are big and we're fantastically good-looking. We talk lots, drink coffee and will almost definitely need glasses one day from prolonged use of computers. But in our spare time we also like to help people develop their visions - and their businesses.

We have vast experience in a broad range of skills including graphic design, web design, marketing, copywriting, IT, project management and planning. We are always developing new ideas to conquer our world, so please have a look through our beautiful website and should there be something you think we can help you with, please get in touch.

Maybe we can help you conquer your world too :)

What we do

At Base1 we can do lots of things, but here’s what we do best.

We are very busy people, we love life and the things we see around us every day. It’s all kinda inspirational isn’t it? But occasionally we find time to use this real-life inspiration to design and create nice things in our digital world. For safe-keeping, so to speak.

If you’d like to talk about anything, other than that non inspirational stuff, give us a shout and we can talk over a coffee, because we love to talk about anything creative … and we love coffee.

What we’ve done

These are our some of our recent or current projects.

Our Friends

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing our creative juice with these great companies.

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